Pure Science and the Natural Laws of the Universe


This paper bound book is based on fresh new analysis void of political, religious, and anti-religious bias. Science should not be about determining whether people are to believe in God or not. Whether to believe in God or not is a personal choice and there is no scientific discoveries that are going to change that.


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Custom Videos

We need as much information about your creative idea as possible. Be as thorough and informative as possible. Here are some options to conceder:

  1. The least expensive way to go would be to pick the music that is already composed and recorded and provide us with the visuals to have matched up with the music.
  2. The opposite approach can be pursued also.  Provide us with the visuals and have us compose the music to match your visuals. Visuals can be pictures, videos, or art work created from scratch. 
  3. You can have poems and lyrics of your own creation set to music, or you can provide us with lyrics and melodies to have accompaniments built around.
  4. You can write the script for the entire video and have us concoct the entire piece from your description.
  5. You can provide us with examples of the sort of thing you want, describe what you are envisioning, and help us understand what it is you want to accomplish.
  6. If you know what you want but don’t clearly understand how to proceed we can provide you with some coaching on how to proceed.
  7. Where there is a will there is a way. Be thorough in describing your will and we will do what we can to help you make the music video of your dreams come to fruition.

For us, the preferred method of communicating is by email. In order to derive at a feasible plan of procedure it is an easy way to exchange ideas and responses. Keep in mind though, music videos make for big files and don’t email well. We will provide ways for you to view the progress that is being made via other means.

Provide us with your email address and a detailed description of what you want. We will look at it and get back with you about it as soon as possible.

Copyright situation: Using other people’s art work in your music video is considered legal if it fits into the “fair use” category. You might want to look into it some; but basically, if the use of someone else’s creative works robs them of their own sales revenue, then that is illegal. If you are earning money off of their creations that they could be earning for themselves, than that is considered unfair to them and it is illegal. If you are circulating their works at no cost to them then that is considered free circulation for them and it is usually welcomed and is considered fair use which is legal. There are other legal and illegal aspects of it but the above is probably the most significant. Don’t hinder people’s ability to earn money from the use of their creative works.

Pending: custom music videos. See music video page for examples.

** We will not sell or distribute any of the private information above to any 3rd party. Information is only kept for purposes of providing you a quote and ongoing service.

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