Book: Pure Science and the Natural Laws of the Universe

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This is the first book in a series of 6 books based on new analysis void of political, religious, and anti-religious bias. Speaking in general terms, all three of the above sources of biases contribute to the chaotic blanket of scientific falsehoods which keep us blocked from the perceiving of actual scientific truths. Science wise, what we get shoveled into our brains is a combination of overall inaccuracies sprinkled with bits of genuine truth that make the overall inaccuracy seem true.

In order to understand yourself and life better than you do, you need to know the real truths of the universe without the influences of some sort of bias that can lead you astray. The real truths of the universe are simple and easy to understand. There is no such thing and “mysteries of nature.” The door is open for us to understand it all.

As an experienced research and development engineer, if I had the task to research and develop a new car part concept, I would not be concerned with whether it would be influencing people to go to church or not. Nor would I be concerned with influencing people to vote in some certain way. I would be endeavoring to formulate the design of the part to function safely and properly.

In the same sense, scientific research should not be a matter of a contest between science and religion, or a matter of political preferences. My “Pure Science” approach has been to conduct my research with the goal of discovering the pure honest truths of the universe without the influence of Political, Religious, and Anti-religious bias.

The good honest truths of the universe which are simple and easy to understand are all in harmony with each other and lead to other honest truths that are in harmony with all of the other truths of the universe. All of the puzzle pieces fit together and overall picture looks correct.

Just as importantly, these good honest truth versions of scientific concepts are all verifiable. They tainted bias versions are not verifiable because they are incorrect. How many times have you heard something like, “We just have to figure out such and such and then it will be verified.”

Read what I have come up with via this pure science approach and you will be awakened to actual truths of our physical existence instead of being subjected to baffling folklore static that is described as “mysteries of the universe.” There should not be any mysteries of the universe. The door is open for us to understand it all.

On this website, I have provided you with a copy of the first chapter of the first book in a series of 6 books that I have been writing. The second book is about three fourths written at the time of the publishing of this first book.

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*BUY NOW* $21.99 per book + shipping.