Custom Music Videos

Make Your Own Music Video

My talented friends and I want to help you make your own music video. Whether funny, dramatic, for serious business purposes, or something for mom and friends, we would like to help you out! All you have to do is send us material to work with: lyrics, a song, pictures, etc. and let us know what you want to do with it.

If you have written a song and can’t sing, we can help you out. If you have it partially recorded and need your accompaniment spiced up, send us “.wav” and/or midi files of what you’ve got and we can help you out with professional quality arrangements. We can compose songs and videos from scratch. Let us know what you want and we would love to share our talents for your needs and desires.

Here are three examples of music videos that we have put together as an example of what we can do. This first one, entitled I burned My Spaghetti, is chock full of humor and features an original instrumental made from scratch. Music tracks include: lead guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums, and various synthesizer concoctions. Notice that the images and the music are coordinated together for enhanced expression.

This next song is of a more serious variety and includes examples of lead vocal and harmony. Female vocal tracks are also available in the form of both lead and harmony recordings.

This next video features soothing guitar playing and pleasant views of a desert environment. If you watch it only for the music and picturesque scenery, you might not notice a serious point that is being made. I suggest that you first watch it and see if you can decipher the message hidden into its expression.

To follow up with this video, Desert View shows that despite the Middle Eastern region being a war torn part of the world, life goes on. There are people, plants, and animals that call it home.  

Now that you’ve got a taste of the kind of music videos we can put together, what can we do for you? My talented friends and I are waiting for you to put the brilliancy of your imagination into full gear. Why not think big. What kind of video would you like to make that would have an awesome impact on the lives of your fellow beings.

We specialize in creating songs and musical tracks to match up with visuals. If you have any music video ideas that you would like to have come to fruition, we would like to hear your ideas. We can make a plan that will meet your needs and have you pay for our services on a contract bases or on a pay as you go bases. Scroll below to get started.

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