Z-Series of Science Books, $21.99 / Book + shipping

This series of books is based on fresh new analysis void of political, religious, and anti-religious bias. Science should not be about determining whether people are to believe in God or not. Whether to believe in God or not is a personal choice and there is no scientific discoveries that are going to change that.

In order to understand yourself and life better than you do, you need to know the real truths of the universe without the influences of the biases listed above. The real truths of the universe are simple and easy to understand. What we have learned in school while growing up are slanted versions of reality sprinkled with bits of truths here and there to make them seem like they are true.

The basic concept outlined in these books is not to have you believe it because I say so, but show you what is out there and allow you to see it for yourself which will make it part of your personal knowledge base. Meaning that you won’t have to choose who to believe and not believe because you will know it for yourself.

Real truth is like a straight line. It leads to more truth and is in harmony with other truths. All of the puzzle pieces need to fit together and the overall picture needs to look right. That is not what we have. Everything is politicized including religion, education, and news reporting.

The intangibles such as whether God exists or not, and such as the rules of righteousness are ambiguous and subjective. However, the physical truths of the universe are simple and easy to understand and are eventually verifiable.

You can read the first chapter of the first book on line for free. Once, the physical truths of the universe are well understood and verified, the intangibles will fall more easily into place also. This is important for you personally, as well as the entire worldwide human family. It is the simple truths of life and the universe that will set us free from error and shackling untruths.

Help make yourself and the rest of the world better by purchasing and reading these books. They are targeted for high school graduates and beyond. There is some math involved but it is kept as simple as possible. Specifically, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and occasionally some basic exponential math such as X squared and the like.

Read the first chapter for free, and then buy a book.



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